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Ezra David Romero

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California Farmers Consider Cashing In On A New Crop . . . Marijuana

California farmers are known for producing some of the finest fruits, vegetables and nuts in the world. But what if big agriculture here also included marijuana? If the legalization of recreational pot makes it onto the November 2016 ballot and passes, local growers might have a new crop to harvest.
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Central Valley Town Turns to Eco-Friendly Homes to Save Water

At the edge of the Central Valley town of Reedley, there’s a plot of ground that once grew 40 acres of green leafy peach and plum trees. It’s here that city leaders hope to build an eco-friendly village. Reedley has historically grown in a pattern of cookie-cutter tract homes, but City Manager Nicole Zieba says the plan is to change that.

Three Products You Won't Want To Miss At The Fresno Food Expo

The fifth annual Fresno Food Expo is just weeks away and companies Valley wide are excited to showcase new products. Exhibitors from across the region revealed new items Wednesday evening for a taste, tally and tweet event at the Saroyan Theater in Downtown Fresno. Valley Public Radio's Ezra David Romero went to the event and found three products that he says would be a shame to miss at the Fresno Food Expo July 22 and 23 in Downtown Fresno.
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As Wells Dry Up, Calif. County Aims To Streamline Solutions For Water

The lack of rain has hit all of California hard but perhaps no place more than Tulare County, an hour south of Fresno. It's home to 60 percent of the residential wells that have gone dry in the state. Here in California, the entire state is feeling the effects of drought - perhaps no place more than Tulare County, which lies largely in the parched Central Valley.

Wells Have Run Dry In One Central California Community

Drought conditions have gotten so bad in California that in some places, turning on the tap and having nothing come out is commonplace. The lack of running water has especially plagued the little farming town of East Porterville in the San Joaquin Valley, leaving scores of homes without working wells.
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Farmers, Water Agencies React To Brown's Water Order

An executive order from Governor Jerry Brown imposes a 25 percent mandatory water reduction on California cities and towns. It’s the first such order in the state’s history. Cannon Michael says that’s enough. He farms 10,000 acres of tomatoes and corn in Central California. “Compare a 25 percent reduction in urban use to a zero percent allocations for thousands of farms.

Bonnets, Drones and Tri-Tip: 6 Scenes from the World Ag Expo

It’s a foggy morning at the world’s largest display of all things agricultural – the 2014 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. The misty air is so dense that you can’t see two car lengths in front of you and it won’t dissipate until well past noon. But that’s what Central California farmers want.
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California dairies look to Midwest’s greener pastures

California is branded as the state with happy cows, but increasingly, not necessarily happy dairy owners. For many of them in the nation’s No. 1 dairy state it’s getting tougher to make a living, that’s why some are some selling their cattle and heading to the Midwest. A full quarter of California dairies have been shuttered since 2007, according to Michael Marsh, CEO of Western United Dairymen.
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Not Just Ag: Growing Tech in the Central Valley

Central California isn’t usually thought of as a hotbed of technology, but techies and local leaders are looking to change that in their quest to diversify the region’s economy. Daniel Galindo spends almost his every waking moment with Google. “I use Google for research, for homework, class projects.

Google's Self-Driving Car And Others Use Merced As A Landing Pad

This is the first story in a two part series by Ezra David Romero about what some are calling a tech boom in Central California. This week we talk Merced, next we explore Fresno. Meet a guy who wakes up and spends his entire day with Google. “I’m Daniel Galindo, I’m a student at the Merced JC,” Galindo says.
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At The World Ag Expo Innovation Leads To A Tractor Fashion Show

Fashion is a high dollar business, with million dollar runway shows across the globe. This year at the largest agricultural expo, the world of farming is borrowing an idea from the fashion industry, with a special show of its own. FM89’s Ezra David Romero reports. I’m in the front row of a fashion show unlike any other.
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'Workshop On Wheels' Gives Valley Hmong Farmers Insight Into Bay Area Markets

Many small farmers have success selling their produce at farmers markets, but selling to larger food distributors can be difficult. FM89’s Ezra David Romero reports on a new project that hopes to connect one group of Southeast Asian growers with Bay Area buyers. Small Hmong farms dot Fresno County growing specialty crops like the red date jujube, lemon grass and bitter melon.
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Ezra David Romero

Ezra David Romero is an award-winning radio reporter and producer. His stories have run on NPR's Morning Edition, NPR's Morning Edition Saturday, NPR's Morning Edition Sunday, NPR's All Things Considered, NPR's Here & Now, NPR Food, Latino USA, KQED, KALW, Harvest Public Radio, etc.

Romero has worked with Valley Public Radio for about five years. He landed at KVPR after interning with Al Jazeera English during the 2012 presidential election. His series ‘Voices of the Drought’ using the hashtag #droughtvoices has garnered over 1 million impressions on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. It's also resulted in two photography exhibits and a touring pop-up gallery traveling across California. Stories affiliated with #droughtvoices have run locally, statewide and on national air. The series also was awarded a Golden Mike Award in 2015 by RTNA of Southern California for "Best Radio News Feature Series."

In 2016, he received won two Golden Mike Awards for best entertainment reporting and business reporting and consumer reporting. And in 2014 he was awarded two Golden Mike Awards through the RTNA of Southern California for a piece on budding tech in Central California and a story on Spanish theater. Valley Edition, the show Romero produces, was named for the best Public Affairs Program for 2013 by the RTNDA of Northern California.

He’s a graduate of California State University Fresno, where he studied journalism (digital media) and geography. He has worked for the Fresno Bee covering police, elections, government and higher education. In 2012 he was a Gruner Award finalist for his 13-part Sanger Herald series on obesity in Sanger, Calif.

In his spare time, Romero hikes the Sierra Nevada, takes road trips to the Pacific Coast and frequently visits ice cream shops.



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